A Throne of Shadows

Cast & Crew

Simon Brandon reprises the role of the Antic, also appearing is Martin Cort (Dr Who) who plays the Antic’s mischievous Computer. Stephen Riddle (Poirot, The Jewell In The Crown, Smiley’s People) appears as the Bard himself – William Shakespeare, other cast members include Jenny Howe (Grange Hill), Carolyn Pertwee (Doctors), Anne Rutter (The Avengers – ABC), Cathy Walker (Eastenders), Hilary Field (Yes, Prime Minister), Penelope Dudley, Liz Thiel, Peter Saracen (Les Misérables), Lee Peck, Liz Felton, Samantha Pain, Iain Fitzgerald, Jennifer Patrick, Pierse Stevens, Kenneth Michaels, Orsolya Nagy, Shane Chester.