A Throne of Shadows

Hamlet or What Thou Wilt! Episode 1

Hamlet or What Thou Wilt!

Since the Dawn of Time…

Kind umpire of men’s miseries and fates, existing in eternity, influencer behind the lives of many including Nero and Caligula, he is the ANTIC.

Tell Me More…

Retired now and with time on his hands the ANTIC strikes up a partnership with those writers who can keep the impetus of his work alive.

His current project is WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, The ANTIC’s favourite play is definitely not The Merry Wives of Windsor, he prefers Titus Andronicus! They had more fun together on that!

Sounds straight forward?!

Yes, but there’s a catch! The ANTIC’s not so trusty COMPUTER, will throw a spanner in the works at any given opportunity.

What will they produce together? Be sure the story won’t run according to plan!!!

Who’s In it?

Simon BRANDON (Ibiza Undead) Martin CORT (DR WHO) Stephen RIDDLE (Poirot, The Jewel In The Crown), with Gregory COX (X-Men: First Class) as the Narrator.

With guest appearances by Jenny HOWE (Grange Hill), Carolyn PERTWEE (Doctors, Peep Show) and Anne RUTTER (ABC’s The AVENGERS).

Bit of Vintage.

If you love 80’s/90’s sci-fi/tv be sure to check this out.

When is it?

Available to watch for FREE:

Episode 1:
Tuesday 12th November 2019 @ 8pm

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