A Throne of Shadows

Hamlet or What Thou Wilt!

Episode 1

Kind umpire of men’s miseries and fates, existing in eternity, influencer behind the lives of many including Nero and Caligula, he is the ANTIC.

Retired now and with time on his hands the ANTIC strikes up a partnership with those writers who can keep the impetus of his work alive.

His current project is WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE.

Episode 2

HAMLET comes face to face with his inner demons, whilst the actors arrive at the Palace with great gusto ready to entertain the King and Queen with their extremely subtle and engaging performances! Be warned however with the ANTIC’s not so trusty COMPUTER at his side, the story definitely won’t run according to plan!

As the ANTIC turns up the temperature, the COMPUTER excels at increasing the mayhem!!

Episode 3

The final episode of this three part mini-series. HAMLET faces the end as the sands of time slip away, yet there’s one merry mischief maker, who cannot resist on interfering, doing his level best to lighten the mood. However, the ANTIC is NOT in a playful mood.