A Throne of Shadows



Home Grown Drama: From The Potting Shed!

A Throne of Shadows began life in October 2017, after many years of wanting to bring a Shakespeare project to the screen.

I had been involved in a number of the Bard’s plays over the years, my first encounter was in 2005 when I produced A Midsummer Night’s Dream as a community theatre project in the borough of Tower Hamlets (we got some good coverage), my next encounter was playing Claudio in a feature film of Measure for Measure and then in 2013 as King Cleon in a movie of Pericles set by a motorway in Bologna, Italy.

I had always loved the BBC Shakespeare series of the 70’s and 80’s and had over the years amassed a number of disks and videos, until I bought the complete set. Some may think the productions look a little passé and stagey, however for me they capture the heart of the plays with some fine performances from many noted actors such as Helen Mirren and Sir John Gielgud.

A Throne of Shadows is an ongoing series that will unfold during the course of the year and beyond. Each part will feature a different character from a Shakespeare play, which the Antic (the star of the show) will interact with. Richard II is his first ‘victim’!

The Pilot Episode

The pilot episode was shot over a two day period in March 2018. Released on Shakespeare’s Birthday: 23rd April. Response to this was great, with over 30,000 people viewing the Facebook promotion. The pilot episode enjoyed a screening in Hoxton in July 2018.

New Beginnings

The Pilot episode was great, however the main concept of the show- The Host, needed to develop and change. Come and join the newly envisaged master of ceremonies – THE ANTIC in these newly shot episodes {1,2 &3}.

ARRIVING: Summer 2019